NevadaGrown Produce Spices Up Fall Recipe Contest Entries

As the leaves begin to change and the aspens turn a fiery yellow, it’s time to pull out those recipes for some seasonal, healthy dishes that are perfect for celebrating the transition to fall. This month’s Home Means Delicious ingredients are berries, fruits, and onions, great for culinary creations of all kinds.

And speaking of change, the Home Means Delicious recipe contest is also changing along with the seasons. You can now enter your recipes by posting them directly on the wall of the NevadaGrown Facebook page or by taking a picture of a recipe card in addition to sending us an email. We are making it easier for you to enter your recipes so that you have a better chance of winning a $25 Visa gift card given to one submitter each month.

September invites you to set out for berries and fresh fruit. Jacob’s Family Berry Farm in Gardnerville offers up blackberries and raspberries, perfect for pies, while Las Vegas’s Daydream Farm fills your bag with fruit like apples and pears for jams, preserves and even salads.

The ripe onions at Peri & Sons Farms in Yerington allow for savory autumn offerings in everything from sauces to soups and delicious appetizers. Sliced and diced onions add pizzazz to sautéing meat or vegetable medleys and are also great as onion rings or for a shareable dip at a potluck or party. You can also look for Peri & Son onions at many local grocery stores.

Get ready to pick out pumpkins and garlic for the October harvest ingredients. Pumpkin pie is perfect with a dollop of whipped cream; however, this squash steps off the pie plate in pastas, soups, cakes, soufflés, tarts, breads and muffins.  But remember – it’s important to select a variety of pumpkin, such as sugar pumpkin, that is intended for cooking so you don’t end up with an overcooked jack ‘o lantern. Visit Gardnerville’s Corley Ranch, Andelin Farms in Sparks or Lattin Farms in Fallon to find pumpkins for both the kitchen and the living room since these multi-colored winter squashes also makes for great centerpieces and festive serving bowls. These three farms also have u-pick pumpkin patches and corn mazes to get lost in, making for a fun afternoon outing for the entire family.

Garlic is delicious all on its own when roasted and spread on artisan crusty bread, but Hungry Mother Organics can help you create flavorful roasted garlic chicken, creamy garlic potatoes, and beef stew with apple, onion, and roasted garlic as well. Recipe opportunities are endless with several unique varieties growing at this Minden farm. Visit the farm stand to stock up on fresh garlic since it keeps for months when stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

We want to know what you think the best use is for these Nevada-grown ingredients. Enter your favorite recipes to win big at or by email at Home Means Delicious complete contest rules can be viewed at

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