Spring In To NevadaGrown Greens

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This spring you’ll not only be seeing green, but tasting it too! As the weather warms up, greens, greens, and more greens come into season. It’s not quite time for barbecuing, but who can resist delicious lettuce wraps or a fresh salad when the sun comes out. You don’t need to have a green thumb to get the freshest veggies, just visit us here at NevadaGrown to find the producer nearest you!

Ready for Arugula?

Commonly known as salad rocket, this peppery leaf is wonderful in salads. With a fresh vinaigrette and some strawberries, arugula comes to life. Or use it as an edible garnish on top of your favorite pasta dishes or even paired with prosciutto for a delightful roll-up. Cooked or cold, arugula is out of this world. Find it at Brighter Ideas in Las Vegas or at the Great Basin Food Co-Op in Reno.


Be on Guard for Swiss Chard

If you’re looking for antioxidants, look no further! Swiss Chard is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that help with anti-inflammatory and detoxification support. Sautee this leafy vegetable and top it with Parmesan cheese to make an elegant side the whole family can enjoy! Pick some up at City Green Gardens today.

Mix It Up!

Salad mixes are great for just about anything. Grab a mix of leafy greens from Custom Gardens Organic Farm in Silver Springs or Daydream Farm in Las Vegas and top your salad off with some carrots, onions, beets, nuts or locally-made cheese for a salad to remember.

Artichokes Take Over

This delicious species of thistle becomes ripe just in time for spring. Steam it and dip the petals into an olive oil-based mayo or any other favorite creamy dip. A fun low-calorie idea is to use the artichoke as an edible bowl filled with chilled chicken or tuna salad. Find the perfect artichoke for your next meal at Casa del Sol Gardens in Sandy Valley, southwest of Las Vegas, or at Nevada’s first organic farm, Holley Family Farms, in Dayton.

Love these NevadaGrown goodies as much as we do? Email your favorite recipe using springtime ingredients to and help us create a NevadaGrown cookbook for all to enjoy.

Each recipe submission is entered to win a 7-cubic-foot freezer filled with NevadaGrown meat and/or produce. Get your entries in quick as winners will be announced June 30, 2014.


NevadaGrown Produce Spices Up Fall Recipe Contest Entries

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As the leaves begin to change and the aspens turn a fiery yellow, it’s time to pull out those recipes for some seasonal, healthy dishes that are perfect for celebrating the transition to fall. This month’s Home Means Delicious ingredients are berries, fruits, and onions, great for culinary creations of all kinds.

And speaking of change, the Home Means Delicious recipe contest is also changing along with the seasons. You can now enter your recipes by posting them directly on the wall of the NevadaGrown Facebook page or by taking a picture of a recipe card in addition to sending us an email. We are making it easier for you to enter your recipes so that you have a better chance of winning a $25 Visa gift card given to one submitter each month.

September invites you to set out for berries and fresh fruit. Jacob’s Family Berry Farm in Gardnerville offers up blackberries and raspberries, perfect for pies, while Las Vegas’s Daydream Farm fills your bag with fruit like apples and pears for jams, preserves and even salads.

The ripe onions at Peri & Sons Farms in Yerington allow for savory autumn offerings in everything from sauces to soups and delicious appetizers. Sliced and diced onions add pizzazz to sautéing meat or vegetable medleys and are also great as onion rings or for a shareable dip at a potluck or party. You can also look for Peri & Son onions at many local grocery stores.

Get ready to pick out pumpkins and garlic for the October harvest ingredients. Pumpkin pie is perfect with a dollop of whipped cream; however, this squash steps off the pie plate in pastas, soups, cakes, soufflés, tarts, breads and muffins.  But remember – it’s important to select a variety of pumpkin, such as sugar pumpkin, that is intended for cooking so you don’t end up with an overcooked jack ‘o lantern. Visit Gardnerville’s Corley Ranch, Andelin Farms in Sparks or Lattin Farms in Fallon to find pumpkins for both the kitchen and the living room since these multi-colored winter squashes also makes for great centerpieces and festive serving bowls. These three farms also have u-pick pumpkin patches and corn mazes to get lost in, making for a fun afternoon outing for the entire family.

Garlic is delicious all on its own when roasted and spread on artisan crusty bread, but Hungry Mother Organics can help you create flavorful roasted garlic chicken, creamy garlic potatoes, and beef stew with apple, onion, and roasted garlic as well. Recipe opportunities are endless with several unique varieties growing at this Minden farm. Visit the farm stand to stock up on fresh garlic since it keeps for months when stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

We want to know what you think the best use is for these Nevada-grown ingredients. Enter your favorite recipes to win big at or by email at Home Means Delicious complete contest rules can be viewed at


Introducing: NevadaGrown – Home Means Delicious

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We’re excited to announce an exciting new partnership between Western Nevada College Specialty Crop Institute, Reno Gazette Journal and NevadaGrown – Home Means Delicious.

Over the next year, we’ll be taking you on a mouthwatering journey through the seasons, highlighting the best produce, meats and other fare that are all produced here in our own backyard.

What’s more – we’ll tell you where to buy it, how to select the best of the bunch, the most effective way to store your food, and even how to prepare it. In fact, you can visit our Facebook page to submit your own favorite recipes each month for a chance at winning big. A special cookbook goes to the creator of every recipe we select for publication in the RGJ, and all those who submit a recipe are entered to win the grand prize: a brand new freezer full of nutritious, delicious, NevadaGrown food.

Our goal with the Home Means Delicious campaign is to help educate the community on the benefits of eating locally and seasonally, while also helping spread the word about all of the talented farmers and ranchers who make their home here in our great state.

And that mission starts now.

There are many reasons to eat seasonally and locally, but the one that always seems to top the list is taste. By choosing local, seasonal produce, you automatically enjoy more flavor and, some would say, more nutrients. According to an article on, “When food is not in season locally, it’s either grown in a hothouse or shipped in from other parts of the world, and both affect the taste. When transporting crops, they must be harvested early and refrigerated so they don’t rot during transportation. They may not ripen as effectively as they would in their natural environment and as a result they don’t develop their full flavor.”

In addition, by choosing local, seasonal produce, you also get to enjoy great variety all year long. Many people are surprised at the abundance of crops that grow in Nevada. Our high desert climate accommodates a remarkable array of fruits, vegetables and meat – and this means good eating for us all. again notes the benefits of seasonal eating, saying “Many people are surprised to find that a wide variety of crops are harvested in the fall (squash, apples, endive, garlic, grapes, figs, mushrooms) and winter (citrus, kale, radishes, turnips, leeks).” This means that we have a virtual cornucopia of culinary options to choose from all year long.

Eating seasonally also makes sense – as in dollars and cents – for shoppers. As we’ve all learned at some point, the concept of supply and demand dictates price, which means that when there is more of something, it costs less. Hence eating seasonally. When produce is in season the large quantity results in a lower price and therefore, more money in your pocket.

Another benefit of eating locally also has to do with green – but not the kind in your pocket. When you buy local you eliminate the need to fuel the planes, trains and other automobiles that often transport your food from coast to coast. It also eliminates the use of irradiation and wax coatings that are often used to preserve food before shipping.

So, you’re probably thinking, “Easier said than done,” right about now. But that’s what we’re here for – to show you just how easy it is to make it happen – without disrupting your routine. There are so many ways you can buy local throughout the year, ranging from a CSA subscription to shopping at your neighborhood grocery store. You’d be surprised at how many stores, restaurants, farmer’s markets and food co-ops sell locally-sourced produce and meats.

We invite you to dive into the NevadaGrown website to learn more and explore all of the different ways you can start enjoying better-tasting food, saving money and helping the environment at the same time!

So here’s to NevadaGrown – Home Means Delicious!
One bite at a time, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



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Welcome to NevadaGrown, and welcome to our new Web site! What a pleasure it’s been to build this site. I’ve always known we can grow things in Nevada, but I never imagined the diversity until we  began accumulating it all under one roof.  And we’ve just begun.

Explore this site, and discover all that Nevada farmers have to offer. Visit a local farm or farmers market, and taste the difference of local food. The closer to home your food grows, the fresher it’s going to be – and all the better it will taste!

Enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants that buy from Nevada farmers. These chefs know that the best meals come from the freshest ingredients grown close to home.

This Web site is a huge leap from our antiquated one of past, and there will be a few wrinkles to iron out.  Let us know if you’re having difficulty navigating or finding what you’re looking for. This site is for you!

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