Welcome to NevadaGrown, and welcome to our new Web site! What a pleasure it’s been to build this site. I’ve always known we can grow things in Nevada, but I never imagined the diversity until we  began accumulating it all under one roof.  And we’ve just begun.

Explore this site, and discover all that Nevada farmers have to offer. Visit a local farm or farmers market, and taste the difference of local food. The closer to home your food grows, the fresher it’s going to be – and all the better it will taste!

Enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants that buy from Nevada farmers. These chefs know that the best meals come from the freshest ingredients grown close to home.

This Web site is a huge leap from our antiquated one of past, and there will be a few wrinkles to iron out.  Let us know if you’re having difficulty navigating or finding what you’re looking for. This site is for you!


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About Nevada Grown

NevadaGrown is a nonprofit Nevada corporation whose mission is to foster the success of sustainable agriculture and to encourage healthy eating for Nevada's communities through education, support and promotion.

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