Full Circle Soils & Compost

We offer growers and gardeners all-natural compost, soil blends and mulches to create nutrient-rich soils for lively, happy plants to flourish. With 20 years of hands-in-the-dirt experience, Full Circle Soils & Compost has absorbed the know-how necessary to give plants the full package of all-natural nutrients they crave.

Our focus is rooted in the soil, knowing that underneath the surface is where growing success starts. By replenishing the soil with the natural ingredients it needs to sustain a healthy ecosystem, plants enjoy everything they need to happily produce bountiful harvests. Our products work naturally with the soil so it can create a fruitful partnership with the plants that live there.

With a practical, easy-to-apply line of enviro-friendly, Earth-satisfying planting products, Full Circle helps you grow happy and grow healthy.

Whether you’re growing for hobby, growing for eating or growing for selling, the results you’ll experience when using Full Circle’s all-natural products will have you high-fiving your soil-covered hands together. Oh Snap! Now you’re growing.

Well-rounded Stuff Plants Love!
Good for Plants. Good for the Planet. 

Full Circle Soils & Compost is now selling all of our practical, easy-to-apply line of enviro-friendly, Earth-satisfying planting products exclusively through distributor retail locations. You can find our products at the following locations:

Green House Garden Center (Carson City)

Eastern Sierra Feed (Gardnerville)

Phoenix Pharms (Gardnerville)

Pacific Gas Mart (Gardnerville)

FW Carson Co (Incline)

Garden Shop Nursery (Reno)

Whole Foods (Reno)

Battle Born Hydroponics (Reno)

Reno Rock Transport (Reno)

Rock and Rose Nursery (Truckee)

Discount Garden Supply (South Lake Tahoe)

Renner Equipment (Smith Valley)

Please note that we are one of the only companies on the planet capable and willing to create fully custom blends based on the needs and desires of you, your existing soil and other environmental conditions. For all custom-blend inquiries, simply give us a ring (we're all ears ... just like the abundant corn crops we've helped farmers grow plentifully). Please contact us for more information at info@fullcirclecompost.com.

Now get your hands in the dirt!

We Offer:

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