Eagle Valley Farm

At Eagle Valley Farm, we raise pasture-based beef, chicken, pork, and eggs. Our first commitment is to producing quality meats raised with integrity; our second is to do so sustainably. We strive to be completely transparent in everything we do and encourage our customers to visit us anytime to see how our animals are raised. The farm is managed by Rachel & Casey Sipe on  land that has been farmed by our family for three generations. The land has been in agricultural use since the late 1800s.

Here at Eagle Valley Farm, we are stewards of the land,and we strive to use products that might otherwise be dumped in a landfill. We feed our animals organic fig bars produced in Carson City that were less than perfect for the retail market. We feed bread with expired sales dates from Franco Bakery in Reno. We round out our feeding program with beer mash from local breweries. Utilizing these feeds allows us to keep our prices affordable for our customers.

Our beef cattle are bred from homegrown stock and spend their entire lives on pasture, enjoying the wonderful salad bar nature has to offer. In addition to an unlimited supply of grass (supplemented by hay from our fields in the colder months), our cattle are fed fig bars to create a product with more fat and marbling than strictly grassfed beef.

Our hogs are bred and born on the property where they are kept on deep bedding until they are old enough to go onto pasture. They will then spend the rest of their days roaming our lush pastures, grazing and foraging to their heart’s content. To supplement this diet, they are fed fig bars, bread, and beer mash.

Our meat chickens are kept in portable pens that are moved daily to fresh ground, separating the chickens from yesterday’s waste (making for a healthier environment) and giving them access to fresh grass and insects. They are also fed a mixture of fig bars, bread, and beer mash.

You can find our products at local farmers markets in the summer and at the Bee Keeper in Carson City.

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