Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is NevadaGrown?

A: NevadaGrown is a non-profit Nevada corporation whose purpose is to enhance the viability of Nevada’s farms, maintain our rural heritage and open spaces, help protect the environment, and sustain local economies through promotion of our agricultural products and education of the public on the importance of local food security.

Q: What are the benefits of buying food and other products grown locally?

A: Foods bought locally are typically fresher and healthier than food that must undergo long periods of travel and storage. Buying locally-grown foods supports your local economy and our natural resources!

Q: How can I buy more locally-grown food?

A: People are often amazed at how simple and affordable it is to buy fresh, seasonal foods grown close to home. A great way to see and purchase a wide array of locally-grown food is through your local farmers markets. An even more convenient way is to subscribe to a local farm where you can share in weekly food harvests.

Q: What is a CSA, also known as subscription farm?

A: A CSA, also known as Community Supported Agriculture, provides subscriptions to members who receive a weekly basket of fresh, local food. Members receive a supply of fresh, seasonal products, and farmers receive a reliable stream of income. Everyone wins!  In addition to fresh produce, some subscription farms offer meat and eggs.

Q: Which area restaurants use locally-grown foods?

A: More and more local restaurants purchase and prepare locally-grown foods, and we encourage you to enjoy their delicious meals. You’ll find a link to restaurants that NevadaGrown food on the home page.

Q: What is the difference between “certified” produce and “certified organic” produce?

A:Certified” produce has been certified by a state agricultural commission that it has been grown by the farmer who is selling it. It is an assurance to the consumer that they are receiving produce fresh and directly from the farmer that grew it. Certified produce can be grown using conventional or organic growing practices.

To be labeled “certified organic,” a product, its producer and the farmer must meet the USDA’s organic standards and must be certified by a USDA-approved food-certifying agency. Organic foods cannot be grown using synthetic fertilizers, chemicals or sewage sludge, cannot be genetically modified and cannot be irradiated.

Q: How can I learn more about locally-grown food?

A:To learn more about the importance—and growing popularity—of using locally-grown foods, visit our links and resources page.


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About Nevada Grown

NevadaGrown is a nonprofit Nevada corporation whose mission is to foster the success of sustainable agriculture and to encourage healthy eating for Nevada's communities through education, support and promotion.

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