5 Things We Love About Edible Flowers

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Edible flowers make for the perfect garnish when you’re trying to add a touch of vibrancy to an ordinary dish. The range of flowers is surprising—some taste floral while others are surprisingly spicy. Have fun sampling the fare and mixing varieties to elevate any recipe. Here are a few reasons why we think you should start incorporating edible flowers to dishes.

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1. Add a pop of color

The bright colors add a bit of excitement to a familiar dish. Surprise guests with a salad that incorporates purple and pink hues.

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2. Candied flowers

Flower petals can be crystalized and incorporated into sweet dishes like cakes and cookies. Try using pansies or violets for a sweet and elegant addition.

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3. Freeze them into ice cubes or popsicles

Add the colors of spring to ice cubes or popsicles by freezing fresh whole flowers. This is the perfect solution to jazz up a glass of water or add a touch of whimsy to a classic frozen treat.

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4. Nutritional value

Many edible flowers such as nasturtium, daylily and dandelion contain vitamin C.  To get your daily dose, try adding nasturtium or dandelions to a salad.


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5. Old school preserves

Use a mortar and pestle and a 1:2 ratio of fresh flowers to sugar for a classic preserve. Rose or lavender varieties are great choices for a sweet spread.   Check out your local farmers markets or ask your favorite farmers for NevadaGrown edible flowers. If you’re able to find this colorful treat, be sure to purchase it on the spot because this seasonal delicacy can be a rare find. Or try looking at Meadow Valley Farm in Moapa, north of Las Vegas, to get your flower fix. The farm also offers CSA Baskets with fresh produce options that sometimes include fresh edible flowers.

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